StreetSafe delivers peace of mind 24/7/365


StreetSafe is a one-of-a-kind mobile personal security service.


Much more than a “panic button” or GPS app, StreetSafe is a service designed to give you personalized safety advice and support any time day or night. StreetSafe combines wireless networks with GPS technologies and a state-of-the-art safety network and database.


In addition, each time you activate StreetSafe, a highly trained personal Safety Advisor will stay on the line until reach your destination.



A recent survey reveals nearly 4 in 10 Americans, say they would be afraid to walk alone at night within a mile of their home. Nearly half of all Americans say there is more crime in their local area than a year ago.*



  Walk with confidence, not in fear.

By sliding the Green Button, you will:

  • connect to a live Safety Advisor who will stay on the line until you reach your destination safely
  • speak with someone trained in stress management and safety procedures who knows exactly where you are, and can help guide you
  • have someone who can call your local 911 center immediately should you need it
  More than a call for help.

By sliding the Red Button, StreetSafe will:

  • immediately contact your local 911 center with your location — no other action is required from you
  • track your every move through GPS and will relay your position to the authorities
  • transmit identification information such as your age, physical description and any medical conditions to the authorities

* Gallup surveys, Fall 2010